Art as a Stress Reliever

There are a lot of things you can defined as art. Art can be expressed with paint, dance, music, colors, poems, and creative quotes. Since we're kids, in school they provide us to think and to search for our own. Art is used to move, inspire, explore and find yourself in a different way. Is a way to get in touch with your creative mind and soul. We all have a hidden talent and when the time comes you'll figure it out.

In my personal experiences, I found that dancing is my talent. It just started out like a hobby, only for fun. Once I realized that I could express myself better with my body, rather than words, I learned that art was my type of stress reliever. Cause even though dancing is not an easy thing to do, my soul started to develop an incredible passion for it. Dancing for me is the best part of my day, that time when I can forget about all my problems, my preoccupations, even my stress from University and life. When I dance my mind doesn't dominate my body, my body takes over me, I can express freely and this is all because of art.

Even though dancing is my passion and my favorite kind of art, there are many other ways of using art as stress reliever. Simple things as coloring a book, signing for yourself, writing on a diary or ever a letter for a loved one. Those, that recent event in Puerto Rico brought me to not concentrate about what was happening. Cause in the worst scenario, we can find something to do that clear our thoughts just for a second.

After hurricane Maria, dancing was no longer as easy to reach, so dancers had to manage in order to keep on moving and training. At first, the struggle was real but still without electricity we reunite and take our therapy. We dance 2 days a week, and don’t care about the nonsense occurring out of our space. Stress consumes our time, that's why it’s important to continue searching for that art that makes us feel happy, calm and free. Possibly for you food is a kind of stress reliever, put it into practice, eat that which makes you feel good and identify it as your art.

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