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Marc Jacobs said, “clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”. That is the job of fashion marketing, create the necessity in the customer to have the clothes and give them live. Fashion marketing is the study of what the customer like, creating in them an emotion by the first sight for clothes, and give them what they need and want.

The strategies for a good marketing is using the 4 P’s: product, price, place, and promotion. We are going to design and make fashion using the 4 P’s at the same time. The first thingwe need to know is who’sgoing to be the target market, if is going to be teenagers, adults, women, or men. Depends on the group of people we are going to work with/for, we need to know their hobbies, what they like, and with what clothes they feel better. This information helps us to make the designs of the clothes and have the product that we are going to sell. The fabrics that we are going to use need to have a balance in the cost and have quality to make a good product with a good price. We can sell the clothes in a shop, or in a web page. Zara uses the strategy mentioned before; they make hundreds of designs in one year thinking in the actual trends and what their customers like. The inventory of the shop changes every time creating in the client the necessity of buy at the first sight, because they know that if do not buy it then will not be there. This work occurs when we have the strategy of a good and a potential promotion. In fashion world, we do promotion in different ways. The classic way is doing a fashion show to invite potential customers that are going to see the collection first than anyone. Also, we can do a video campaign in where all the attention is the product that the brand is going to sell. For example, the last campaign of the designer Jimmy Choo, “Shimmer in the Dark” for Cruise 18 Collection is Cara Delevingne walking on a night in New York City in where the center of the video was in all the time the shoes, and the sensuality of the model capture our attention. We can photography our collection and put them in web page or in social medias. With the social medias, we can globalize the product. We can do a live on the runway show, share the video campaign or the photos with the new collection.

In conclusion, the key is to have a product that are what the customer need and want. The customer need to feel emotion and necessity for having the product by the first sight, but the only way to do this is making the design of the product thinking in our target market. Also, the promotions should be according to our customers. The key is always remember, “not design for brands, design for people interacting with brands” because fashion is about you.

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