From Domestic Marketing to International Marketing: Is not as easy as 1, 2, 3

Nike, Coca Cola, Facebook, Apple and Google are just a few famous, well known, brands that have made their mark all around the world. Through the years we have seen companies accomplish the impossible, connecting the world in several of ways, making it feel and look smaller but brighter. Nevertheless, have you ever question how this companies made it happen? Was this movement a 1, 2, 3 step? How come we didn’t see it coming? What is the key to success for this international brands?

International marketing refers to the relationship of marketing activities with the objective to gain success in more than one company. International marketing has been in the business industry since the beginning of time; in fact, archeologist have found Stone Age trading objects that were carried from long distance. However, over the past decades international marketing have grown over 6% to 12% annually (Huang), making almost every company wanting to be a part of this emerging movement. Almost every marketing journal, book, and article mentions that the key to success inside the international marketing comes from the environmental analysis. The environmental analysis is the research every company needs to do before entering to another market. Inside this analysis companies will see, before entering a new market, how the culture, legal restrictions, government controls, weather, consumers and other factors will affect directly their marketing mix. By researching this factors, companies will truly understand what product will actually work and how it should be delivered to their target market. Is important to know where you are entering, to whom are you selling, and how would you capture their attention!

After making a well-rounded environmental analysis, is time to begin creating the marketing mix (also known as the 4 P’s: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion), making sure the objectives of the company are being achieved. Though, the marketing mix and strategy is created, when entering a new country companies should mold their approach to the culture of the new market. The key to success behind the molding of the marketing strategy is to know how to adapt and adjust. Adapting and adjusting to the new culture, values, laws and other factors of the new market will help you understand what works and what does not. Is important, to be successful, we need to become aware of the difference of culture and be sensitive towards it!

Lastly, as we all know companies all around the world have been successful in this industry because they have known how to adapt to the different cultures, made a perfectly well environmental research, and understood that been ethnocentrism is bad for business. Companies like McDonald's for example have been known to create new products in different countries just to appeal to the consumers. I will never forget the day I entered a McDonald in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, and saw on the menu tostones, fried plantains. This is a simple example of a smart, culturally sensitive company that does their environmental research correctly. Remember, the key to international success is to know that what works here may not work in another place. We are all connected, but we are all different!

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