Places to take a break from hurricane María

After surviving two natural disasters, everyone deserves to take a break. It could be at the beach, a local coffee shop, a fun night out with friends or even doing some shopping, the point is to take a time off from the grid a little bit. You must be asking yourself, What places could I go now that most of the businesses are closed or changed their normal working hours. But no worries, we got you cover with recommendations of places to go out that are open so you can start feeling that you are getting back on track.

1. Cuatro Sombras:

In search of a strong & good coffee with a nice spot to concentrate? Then this place is for you! It’s called Cuatro Sombras and it’s the best local coffee shop to take breaks or study. Especially at their backyard, the perfect place for study groups. Their music has a bohemian style, is a mix of the genres of indie, jazz and R&B. It makes the environment so smooth to get yourself on your A game. This local coffee shop, Cuatro Sombras, is located in Old San Juan so go check it out A.S.A.P..

2. Café con Cé:

Café con Cé is another local coffee shop, but this one has a unique style. It is based on the concept of minimalism. That’s what makes it different. Every detail of their decoration, structure and merchandise is based on their ideal of less is more. The music is good, the coffee also and the environment vibes better. This place is also excellent to study, work or just chill. It’s also a nice place for Instagram worthy photos too. Café con Cé is located at calle Loíza, Santurce.

3. Tresbé:

A place to chill and have fun with friends. The food and drinks are very fresh and tasty. Warning… you can’t leave without trying their mojitos, it’s a must! Oh, and on Sundays they have live reggae music. Tresbé is located at calle Loíza, Santurce.

4. La Penúltima:

La Penúltima is a great bar to sit down with your friends and chit chat with them while drinking exotic cocktails and delicious appetizers with cool music. Also, they have free Wi-Fi! This place is located in Santurce.

5. Jungle Bird:

Jungle Bird is an aesthetic bar that serves a variety of creative cocktails. The place is super cool and the vibe is perfect for a fun night out with friends. Best part? They have board games!!! Jungle Bird is located at La Placita, Santurce.

6. El Tap:

El tap is a bar to go out for some craft beers with friends, with a cool, mellow ambiance and good music. The perfect place to sit back and relax with your group of friends. Located at calle Loíza, Santurce.

7. El Local:

Great place to go out for drinks with friends. On Mondays they do movie nights, Tuesdays is karaoke nights, and on Fridays they put live music. This place is located in Santurce.

8. Ojalá

Ojalá is a speakeasy bar located at Santa Elvira Mall, Caguas. Their menu has a variety of tasty options of food and drinks. On Wednesdays they have karaoke nights. Thursdays is mojito nights and you can get one for only $4!

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