The Content we don’t see behind the post

An influencer is “a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media”. The influencers that we want to talk about are those present on social media, especially the vlogger types.

Influencers, like the word implies, influence their crowd, turning them into their fans. In turn, they adore and promote their influencers because they like the content that they create, and upload to their social media. But fans only see one face of the influencer’s coin, but what about that other side? That content that we don’t see behind what they uploaded?

As we know, making content is no easy task. It is not hard to imagine a work group sitting all in a meeting place trying to come up with the next content that the influencer should make. The work pressure depends if the influencer works content on a weekly basis, and some in a daily, to three times a week basis. It becomes especiallye hard nowadays when practically anyone with a camera can be considered an influencer. This not only adds competition to the mix, but also trying to be unique in your presentation, in order to differentiate yourself from the others, and not turn yourself into a source of redundancy. Fans will support you, but only to the extent that they understand that you are satisfying their needs and wants. And speaking of fans, we have to talk about the other side of the coin: haters. They are that group of people whose only purpose in their online presence is to make your life difficult by being a mass of outright pessimism. If pressure from pleasing your fans is not enough, you have to feel the heat of haters, which sometimes influence the opinion of fans, equating into an abandonment of fans, and even the spread of haters.

We recommend social media influencers to keep calm, and continue with their work. We understand that they must feel pressure from a lot of areas in this day and age, but they must accept every challenge as a learning curve, and take haters as a source of valuable criticism in order to deliver quality to their fans. With the power to influence comes great responsibility.

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