Artificial Content in Social Media

Many define “Social Media” as a “form of electronic communication (such as webpages for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content, such as videos”. With that in mind, let us have a talk about creating artificial content in social media.

By “artificial content”, we are referring to the act of establishing an online presence by the means of fake accounts. These are, majorly, easy to identify because many were created recently, they all have the same “joined date”, they possess the default profile picture of the social network, and show no drop of personality by not commenting to the content that was uploaded by the webpage and/or influencer. Their existence is like that of a bot: programmed to do one task. This is how many webpages and influencers try to keep being relevant, in a market seemingly saturated. With this method, they may even turn their content into something viral: by the utilization of a mass of fake accounts that are constantly liking and sharing their posts, creating artificial traffic.

We advise webpages and influencers to avoid this practice at all costs. There are public relations firms that “boost” their clients’ social media presence by creating many fake accounts to have an easier time moving their clients’ online presence. Besides not being an honest way to climb the ladders of success, you are not accomplishing your role as a marketer of your own brand by analyzing the market, segmenting it, and fulfilling the needs and wants of your consumers. Nowadays, many consumers are developing a strong loyalty to their brand. You are not being truthful to their commitment, if you yourself are committing more to the numbers, and less to the quality.

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LAST EDIT: 10.30.19