When promotion turns into loss

Actualizado: 6 de mar de 2018

The first challenge that marketing has is to catch the customer's attention in a good way and establish a relationship with them. Marketers must communicate ideas to a public with a non-specialized vocabulary, in fact they usually direct their messages to big audiences with different interests. The marketers seek connections with the clients, so messages must be direct and clear. This essay pretends to expose the importance of the correct use of the language by showing how typography, content and translation require meticulousness, and how their disregard can have a huge impact in the organization.

Typographical mistakes imply a million-dollar loss to businesses every year. These errors have a negative impact on customers, giving them a perception of carelessness and compromise the credibility the position of the brand. When messages suggest confusion, and show poor communication skills the clients automatically will have a rejection to that brand, the won’t dedicate their time to comprehend what is the real message that the brand is trying to transmit, besides when messages can be misunderstood the marketing work looks unprofessional. These mistakes translate into devastating losses because fix customers will look for brands that communicate effectively concise information, what they really need to know, and the future potential customers won’t feel attracted to the brand, this implies a double customer loss. And then, the money invested in personal and advertising is also a huge loss that the organization suffers.

Content fails can have severe damage in a company image, on June of 2016 Forbes published an article that exposes a few examples of companies that transmitted negative messages with their advertisement that had repercussion in the perspective that people had of them, this affected their sales. The first example was the case that Malaysia Airlines faced back in 2014, after two flight tragedies that they faced their strategy was to get clients was to offer free electronic prizes for those customers who sent their bucket lists, that had a negative connotation because a list is one of the things that people do when they know they are going to die, this association was unavoidable which had a terrible repercussion to the airline. The other case was a problem that Ogilvy India faced when they made a propaganda where they showed Malala Yousafza being shot in the head, that resulted disrespectful and culturally inappropriate, the article says that it is essential to be sensitive and aware of the cultural aspects of the place where you are promoting your enterprise. This is very important for the companies that are expanded to different regions of the world.

Translation fails that completely changed the meaning of the text. Multinational companies face big challenges when promoting themselves in different countries, something that can result very effective in one country can be obsolete in another, besides the message can be lost when the company doesn’t hire proper translator. One interest example for this is what happened to KFC in the 80’s when they opened in Beijing, their famous slogan ‘Finger lickin’ good’ was translated to Chinese like ‘Eat your fingers off’. This was very problematic because the content was translated into something aggressive because of the bas translation. They also had problems with this slogan in Japan where the message was rejected because of cultural issues.

In conclusion, these three aspects are very important for a good marketing job because they can distort the message that the managers are sending to the customers, and when a customer is confused about their ideas of a brand, or about what the organization is promoting, they are probably going to reject that brand causing several losses economically and to the image of the enterprise.

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